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Our Research Team

Prof. Dave Watkinson

Chair in Conservation

Dave joined the conservation team at Cardiff University shortly after its inception. He has trained generations of conservators and now supervises a cohort of PhD researchers in addition to his teaching. He holds the Plowden Medal for innovative research and contribution to the conservation profession.


Jerrod Seifert

Analytical Laboratory Teaching Associate

PhD Researcher

Following dual BAs in Classical and Near Eastern Archaeology and Art History (University of Minnesota), Jerrod came to Cardiff to study for his MSc Conservation Practice. He has worked internationally as an archaeologist and conservator, most recently at the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Çatalhöyük. His PhD researches the corrosion of marine cast iron and the efficacy of treatments designed to reduce its instability.


Johanna Thunberg

PhD Researcher

Arts and Humanities Research Council

National Museum Wales

After training as a conservator, Johanna has held conservation and teaching roles at Cardiff University where she is studying for a PhD. Her research centres on desiccated storage for archaeological metals and identifying instability in copper alloy artefacts.


Dr Nikki Emmerson

Senior Lecturer in Conservation

Nik began her career here as an undergraduate conservator in 2002. Now a Senior Lecturer, she focuses on researching corrosion prevention strategies and teaching research methods for heritage science. She supervises 8 PhD students and manages the climatic simulation laboratory and Raman spectroscopy.

Nicola Emmerson Cardiff University
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